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Down The Deserted Road

PART 5 Juldeh loved going to her Aunt’s house. It always felt like a holiday as her Aunt spoiled her with gifts and cooked anything she wanted. She really fancied living with her, but her father refused. Instead, she had to live with him and his mean wife and younger half-brother.ā€Æ  “It is okay, though;Continue reading “Down The Deserted Road”

Down The Deserted Road

He had planned to send her away to live with his grandmother in the village after the birth of their child so she can learn how to be a real wife and would replace her with a new, younger bride. He already had someone in mind. That would teach Kajata to respect him.ā€Æ

Down The Deserted Road

PART 3 Ā Ā  Kajata remembered the day her father announced she was betrothed. He was angry as she had gone out with friends and came home late. She worried she would be in trouble if her father got home first, but her crush was there, so Kajata stayed and tried to shrug her worries aside.Continue reading “Down The Deserted Road”

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