Summer Feels Outfit

BLM Alphabet Earrings From Sapphippo

I like to express my mood through my outfits. I want people to see my outfit and be able to feel my mood haha I know it’s a bit cliché but it’s true. Right now, I’m enjoying the summer vibe. Nude is the right colour to have in your wardrobe for any season but especially summer, I mean you can’t go wrong with nude pair of heels, and they go well with everything. I’m particularly excited about my nude Meeka heels from Raid which I got from Nakd fashion website. It’s comfortable and easy to style, and I love the shade too.

I paired these heels with three outfits but my favourite look is this one right here. An oversized white shirt from Zara. Denim mum jeans from Topshop and a nude and black snake purse from Topshop. BLM Alphabet handmade earrings by Sapphippo from Esty website. This outfit is stylish and comfortable too. What are your favourite shoes at the moment? Please comment below 😊

Oversized White Shirt From Zara
Nude Meeka Heels from Raid Fashion
Denim Mum Jeans From Topshop

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