Bring On The Night Outfit Inspo

BLM Handmade Earrings/ Rose Gold Flower Ring from Esty
Multicoloured Pattern High Waist Pencil Skirt
Nude Meeka Heels from Raid Fashion

I have missed getting dressed up for a night out for real. As a slim girl, there are some outfits that I used to think are not for me, and this here is one of them. But there is something about this year, the summer air, in particular, that’s encouraged me to think differently.

For me, this year has been about about growth. To be confident in every aspect of the word and embrace myself completely by trying new things and stepping out of my comfort zone. This one of the reasons why I started my blog.

This look here I love! The contrasts of red, burgundy, and nude colours—subtle and bold got me feeling like I am ready for anything! So bring on the night.

Nude Meeka Heels from Raid Fashion. Nude Tank Top from Prettylittlething. Multicoloured Check Pattern Pencil Skirt from Topshop

BLM Handmade Alphabet Earrings by Sapphippo. Burgundy clutch bag from Massimo dutti. Rose gold flower ring from Esty

Nude Tank Top from Prettylittlething

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