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Part 1

“Does this sometimes happen?” She asked herself, piecing together the little recollection she had in to draw a picture.

This was not a typical morning for Miata where she would wake up singing while making notes for her daily plan.

This specific morning left her stunned, scared and embarrassed to open her eyes. Her mind was racing like a Ferrari.

She looked to her left, and there he was lying beside her. Naked. She lifted the covers and took a peek and, yes, she was naked too.

Her mind was still blurry from last nights events but the pain between her legs, clothes on the floor and a used condom beside them gave her a better indication of what had happened.

Miata crawled into herself as she laid staring at this strange, yet familiar, person laying next to her.

“How could I let this happen?” She pondered. “Why did I get so drunk? Oh my god!” She cried silently, half praying that he would stay asleep forever.

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Ok. continue!

It all started six years ago over a Facebook request. Miata was 21 and he was 19.

He had messaged her on Facebook to ask about the friend request she had sent him as they were  strangers. He was confident and straight to the point. The conversations slyly shifted into him  asking her out on a date. He concluded by saying that his name was Kofi.

“I would love to get to know you more. You are definitely my type!” He wrote.

Miata was a short, curvy with chocolate coloured skin. She had a pretty face and a fiery, yet kind, personality. Miata’s father had recently accepted a new job, and again they had to move to a new city. She was tired of always moving as it affected her social life and left her with almost no close friends. She had hoped to make friends faster this time and prayed that they wouldn’t have to relocate again. She liked this new place; especially compared to the previous ones.

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A Vibe

Something about Edinburgh captivated Miata. Miata was particularly mesmerized by the big historic castle that rests on Castle Rock at the top of the old town dominating the city’s view. The contrast between the old town on one side and the new on the other narrates the rich history between the two cities. The two now merged into one, birthing a distinctly beautiful and thriving Capital.

Even with this appeal, Miata was still struggling to make friends so hearing from Kofi was a pleasant surprise. Furthermore, the date request was the last thing Miata expected when she added him on Facebook.

She felt genuinely flattered and admired his direct approach, but she was reluctant about the idea of dating; especially with Kofi. He was younger than her, and that was a deal-breaker. She had never dated a younger guy.

“To be honest, I appreciate your directness” Miata explained to Kofi “But I don’t date younger guys. Let’s be friends?” She asked, trying to be as polite as possible.

Kofi maintained that he wanted more than friendship, and that the age difference was not an issue. Of course, Miata disagreed.

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Miata and Kofi kept in touch, and he would message her every few months to ask her out. Miata loved the attention she was getting from the younger, confident stranger in her digital world. Even though she was impressed by his candid approach, Miata would politely decline but still engage him in conversation. She found him appealing, but it was rather unfortunate he was younger than her.

One day Miata ran into Kofi in town, she eagerly tried to say hi to him, but Kofi ignored her.

“Why didn’t he say hello?” She wondered, confused at the lack of interaction.

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