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It began to fizzle out. They couldn’t talk online forever. Both Kofi and Miata had people in their lives, but once in a while Kofi would check on Miata, and vice versa. Kofi, relentless, would check to see if she changed her mind.

Kofi would frequently find himself fantasising about Miata, holding her hands or caressing her curves and sometimes even imagine what it would feel like to be inside her mind.

A few years later Miata bumped into Kofi at a bar. It was the first time she’d seen him up close. They were much older. Seeing him up so close took her breath away a little. They hadn’t been in contact for a while. He looked older than she remembered, and manlier. Kofi looked masculine as his thighs hugged his jeans firmly. Miata could see his strong muscles peeking under his t-shirt. His handsome face half-covered by a black beard. She found herself staring the entire night.

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Keep calm and read!!

“When did he become so grown-up and attractive?” Miata murmured, blushing at the sight of him. She had butterflies in her stomach, and couldn’t understand why she felt so attracted to him all of a sudden.

Kofi finally caught a glance of her at the bar. He was surprised to see her there. She looked directly at him and waved slightly, this time not avoiding his gaze. He felt flustered. She was close; he could smell her perfume. It made him at little uncomfortable, especially since she was staring back. There was definitely chemistry in the air.

Kofi knew he had to be calm, but he was aching to talk to her, kiss her and perhaps even take her home. He knew that he’d gotten her attention and that she relished what she saw.

“I should message her, ask her out again and this time be more confident” he deliberated. This time is different. He could sense it.

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Everything is fine!!

Part 4 coming soon

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