Part 4

Miata had recently lost a promising relationship with Ken. They had met at work, and Miata felt an immediate spark between them. He was sweet, funny and she only grew to like him more. Five months later, Ken shared the news that he was unhappy in Edinburgh and was moving away for work. He moved to Indonesia to become a surf instructor and yoga teacher. Miata was heartbroken and wished she could make Ken stay, but was unsuccessful.

Kofi made contact a few weeks later. Bored, heartbroken and still dwelling on the night she had seen him at the bar, Miata decided to give him a chance.

A cuppa?

Their conversation flowed and it became easier to talk to him. Miata found herself getting more drawn to Kofi, and with each passing day she liked him just a little more. There were so many things Miata was learning about Kofi; his intelligence, charm and how mature he was for his age. It was the icing on the cake.

They kept in touch. Kofi was not going to allow the conversation to die out; he was determined to keep the fire burning. He realised that Miata was acting differently this time. She was extra polite; her responses quick and interesting. She felt giddy and excited, and felt that connection she kept denying the first time. Age was no longer a problem.

This is goooood!

After some time, Miata invited Kofi over for a date as her dad would be away for a work trip. She was thrilled and nervous to finally spend time with Kofi in privacy, away from prying eyes. She had put her doubt aside about younger men. Kofi seemed different, but more importantly they’ve always had a connection despite the age difference.

The rendezvous was finally here. Kofi arrived with a bottle of wine. He was well dressed and he looked even more handsome than last time. Kofi smelled of coconut and shea butter, and his deep voice was even sexier up close. Miata opened the door and let Kofi in; luckily he seemed anxious too.

She opened the wine he brought, and they got talking. Miata realised she was very attracted to Kofi, and she kept drinking to calm her nerves, while still keeping her distance to ensure she didn’t give him the wrong idea. Miata wasn’t in a rush to get into anything, and this time she wants to take her time. She needed to be sure about Kofi before anything happens between them.

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