Part 5

Miata realised she was drunk. She’d almost emptied the bottle by herself as Kofi told her he no longer drank alcohol. She felt giddy and continued to drink.

Kofi confessed that he had brought a joint, and had already smoked one in order to calm his nerves for the date. They lit it up, conversed and smoked. A few minutes later, Miata got up to use the bathroom but sat straight back down; her head spun, and she saw bubbles. She told Kofi she was drunk and needed to lay down. It was definitely time to call it a night. She tried to head to the bedroom, but her head was spinning and she started dozing off. Kofi followed her and kept talking to her. She struggled to concentrate and felt sleepy and tired. She apologised to Kofi for not staying up longer, but as she spoke, Kofi came closer and kissed her. It was hot, seductive and passionate; better than what she imagined.

She did not plan on taking it further. A little tease is enough for a first date.

“Making out is fine” Miata assured herself.

Miata felt drowsy, and struggled to open her eyes. Kofi kept kissing and touching her. Miata could feel his hands but was too sluggish to do anything or enjoy it. She felt mad at herself for getting this drunk in front of him.

“I need to stay awake” she babbled “he’s going to think i’m a wreck!” At this point Miata did not know if she was speaking or thinking.

Keep going 😉

Miata tried to recall making out with Kofi. He was touching her breasts, sucking her nipples as his kiss became firmer, his breath fast and hot. Miata felt sleepy and tried to keep her eyes open but failed, subjugated by the weed and wine. Kofi kept touching her, taking her clothes off. Miata wanted to stop him and tell him she was not ready. She wanted to tell him she wants to take things slow and get to know him better but was far too weak and drowsy from the wine to protest. Before she could bring herself to open her eyes again, she felt Kofi inside; the pressure of his manhood pushing her legs apart. She felt the sensation between her legs as Kofi started probing and plunging his way inside her. Ultimately, she dozed off.

As Miata woke, her mind wandered for answers, but it was as if the universe itself was against her. Beside her, Kofi opened his eyes, and looked at her smiling.

“Good Morning” he whispered.

A vibe!

“Good morning” She groaned, still waking up from her slumber. “Did we have sex?”

“Yes, we did.” Kofi replied.

“I don’t remember much” Miata explained, “I was really out of it last night after downing that wine.”

“Yeah I was pretty high too, but it was fun!” he smirked.

“It felt like a dream, it’s all so surreal. I kept going in and out of consciousness. I really wasn’t ready to do anything last night…” she confessed to Kofi with shame in her eyes.

“Oh, my bad.” He shrugged “I thought you wanted it, but I was high too.”


Miata watched Kofi got dressed to leave, and thought about how wrong it felt. She felt weird. She was aching to tell him, and make him understand how she felt but decided against it to avoid spooking him. She now knew she liked him, and definitely didn’t want to upset him.

In her mind, Miata pondered about the situation. “Surely this was not his intention. He likes me, and was high. It’s not a big deal.” The thoughts were racing around her mind. Kofi got dressed, and said goodbye.

A few days later, Miata asked to see Kofi again. She had mixed feelings about that night. She wanted to explain her concerns, hear his perspective and perhaps that would make her feel better, smooth things over and maybe move forward. She despised how she felt.

Kofi made excuses to avoid the meeting but eventually agreed. He apologised for what happened that night and repeated what he had said previously; that he was also intoxicated, and that she was overthinking. Miata reluctantly accepted the explanation.

Yes Plzzz

A week later, Kofi rang Miata and told her that after thinking things through, he’d decided she was not what he wants, and that he would prefer to stay as friends. He had “found God” and that Miata was one of the people he needed to cut off. Miata knew better. they both knew the truth. They both knew what he did that night; and why he was cutting her off.

Her voice shaky, she replied “okay” and hung up.

“Bro, I told you. Of course I hit it! It’s me, man!” Kofi joked, while sipping on a drink with a friend. “But yo, I was gassed man, I won’t lie.”

It was then apparent to Miata that Kofi only had cruel intentions.


Copyright(©)2020 by Tiredblackgirl

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