Down The Deserted Road


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  Mamadu was a lanky fair-skinned young man with sunken eyes. He hated Kajata’s sharp tongue and disobedience and wished she were more like his friends’ wife, who never questioned or talked back to her husband.

He thought Kajata was proud and condescending and felt it was because she was more educated than him. After all, He left school at primary six, not because he wanted to, but because school was tedious and boring, and he believed that was why Kajata disobeyed him. However, he was determined to set her straight, so he would beat Kajata often. 

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He had planned to send her away to live with his grandmother in the village after the birth of their child so she can learn how to be a real wife and would replace her with a new, younger bride. He already had someone in mind. That would teach Kajata to respect him.  

Mamadou refused to pay for antenatal care. He did not care about the need for it, nor did he think it was necessary. As far as he was concerned, it was a waste of money to go to the hospital all the time.  Kajata could simply go to the pharmacy down the road like almost all the women in the area. But as always Kajata was acting spoiled and made a big deal about going to the hospital. But he was not going to let her dictate to him, he was the head of the house, his word was final. It was his child, after all.  

Mamadu refused to Kajata’s suggestion to ask her parents for hospital fees, he said he was a real man, and he was not going to beg for help, especially not from her parents. That was the end of the discussion.  

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Kajata’s stomach got bigger, rounder, and tighter over the months. She was anxious as she had only seen a doctor a few times thanks to Mariama insisting she went with her and paid the hospital bills which Mamadu was not happy about but felt helpless, so he had insisted and arranged for the birth to be done at home by Mami Yahoy, an elder and a chief in the Waterloo community. Mami Yahyo has had plenty, though not all, successful deliveries over the years and was experienced in childbirth after having all her eight kids at home herself, she was well respected and trusted. Still, Kajata was sceptical and worried.  

Despite her revolting morning sickness, extreme back pain, large tender breasts, and a very tight stomach that kept growing, she looked forward to motherhood. She was excited to hold her baby in her arms and have someone she could call her own. She secretly hoped it would be a girl, her little girl. She sang and told stories to her unborn baby every night before her husband returned home, and sometimes wrote poems praising her baby’s beauty. She watched as the baby kicked and stretched inside her belly, she could not wait to have her. 

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Immoh - Get up 

Baba – Father 

Patch Grannat – Roasted peanuts  

Chop Money- Money for groceries  

Peppeh- peppers 

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