Hello! welcome to my blog 🙂

I go by Tiredblackgirl. I am African girl based in the UK.I have always wanted to tell stories and connect with people through my stories. I want to use this platform to share and engage with like-minded individuals. On my blog, you will find fictional short stories, Flash fiction and style inspiration.
I want to use my platform to express myself through stories and fashion, all of these elements have brought me to found NUDEZONE.BLOG. I invite you to explore my site, read my stories, engage with me, enjoy my fashion style and my world. Happy Reading.

The reason why my blog is called nudezone.blog is because I regard this to be a space that I can truly express myself, be completely free with my ideas and be able to bare it all through stories. It’s a nude zone, free space without holding back and make real connections while doing something I love.

Thanks for reading this!

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