Part 1 β€œDoes this sometimes happen?” She asked herself, piecing together the little recollection she had in to draw a picture. This was not a typical morning for Miata where she would wake up singing while making notes for her daily plan. This specific morning left her stunned, scared and embarrassed to open her eyes.Continue reading “CUREL INTENTIONS”

Certain (Satin) Feeling

Satin anything gives me a certain feeling but especially this dress. A black comfy dress like this is easy to wear for like nice walks or causal events plus could always add pop of colour like a blazer or jumper to compliment the outfit. It’s sexy and classy but at the same time very comfortable.


Part 3 I arrived at the stop and waited; the bus arrived a few minutes later. I was not really sure where it was going, but I got on anyway; desperate to get away from that flat and the woman. As I hopped on, I was relieved. My sobs ceased as I leaned against theContinue reading “A STRANGE NIGHT”


Part 2 The restaurant’s owner was ready to lock up for the day. She grabbed the key and began to leave. I asked the girl if I could use her phone to make a call as I didn’t have any credit remaining. I read out the digits to her. A few long seconds later, theContinue reading “A STRANGE NIGHT”


Part 1 I woke up startled and dazed. “Where was I and how did I get here?” Those thoughts were overthrown by a woman towering above me. “Hello?” I murmured, my voice quaky “who’s there?” “Get up and get out now!” she said, all while clapping her hands loudly in my face. I sprang toContinue reading “A STRANGE NIGHT”


Curved like a goddess with glowing dark skin and captivating big eyes; Nana was always complimented by anyone who crossed paths with her. Moving to a city she barely knew, She had to lodge with her cousin; miles away from the town centre.Nana was adamant about making a life for herself; she persistently managed toContinue reading “RUDE AWAKENING”