Down The Deserted Road

PART 2   Kajata missed her family and friends. Her husband could not afford to live in the city, so they had to relocate to the outskirts of town, away from everyone she knew. Mamadu constantly whined about his work commute to the city centre. He also said that Kajata should be thankful because all sheContinue reading “Down The Deserted Road”


Part 4 Miata had recently lost a promising relationship with Ken. They had met at work, and Miata felt an immediate spark between them. He was sweet, funny and she only grew to like him more. Five months later, Ken shared the news that he was unhappy in Edinburgh and was moving away for work.Continue reading “CRUEL INTENTIONS”


Part 1 “Does this sometimes happen?” She asked herself, piecing together the little recollection she had in to draw a picture. This was not a typical morning for Miata where she would wake up singing while making notes for her daily plan. This specific morning left her stunned, scared and embarrassed to open her eyes.Continue reading “CUREL INTENTIONS”


Part 1 I woke up startled and dazed. “Where was I and how did I get here?” Those thoughts were overthrown by a woman towering above me. “Hello?” I murmured, my voice quaky “who’s there?” “Get up and get out now!” she said, all while clapping her hands loudly in my face. I sprang toContinue reading “A STRANGE NIGHT”


Curved like a goddess with glowing dark skin and captivating big eyes; Nana was always complimented by anyone who crossed paths with her. Moving to a city she barely knew, She had to lodge with her cousin; miles away from the town centre.Nana was adamant about making a life for herself; she persistently managed toContinue reading “RUDE AWAKENING”