PART 3 It began to fizzle out. They couldn’t talk online forever. Both Kofi and Miata had people in their lives, but once in a while Kofi would check on Miata, and vice versa. Kofi, relentless, would check to see if she changed her mind. Kofi would frequently find himself fantasising about Miata, holding herContinue reading “CRUEL INTENTIONS”


Part 2 The restaurant’s owner was ready to lock up for the day. She grabbed the key and began to leave. I asked the girl if I could use her phone to make a call as I didn’t have any credit remaining. I read out the digits to her. A few long seconds later, theContinue reading “A STRANGE NIGHT”


Part 1 I woke up startled and dazed. “Where was I and how did I get here?” Those thoughts were overthrown by a woman towering above me. “Hello?” I murmured, my voice quaky “who’s there?” “Get up and get out now!” she said, all while clapping her hands loudly in my face. I sprang toContinue reading “A STRANGE NIGHT”

Summer Feels Outfit

I like to express my mood through my outfits. I want people to see my outfit and be able to feel my mood haha I know it’s a bit cliché but it’s true. Right now, I’m enjoying the summer vibe. Nude is the right colour to have in your wardrobe for any season but especiallyContinue reading “Summer Feels Outfit”