Part 3

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I arrived at the stop and waited; the bus arrived a few minutes later. I was not really sure where it was going, but I got on anyway; desperate to get away from that flat and the woman.

As I hopped on, I was relieved. My sobs ceased as I leaned against the window, looking out onto the empty dark streets. I tried to count how many people I saw out on the road but gave up before falling asleep.

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I woke up as the morning sun glared through the bus window onto my face. The driver informed me I was at the last stop after asking where I was.

“Trafalgar Square” he replied.

I got out and wandered around, still questioning why I was abandoned by my friend. Why I was called evil and asked to leave. The area looked beautiful and white. Surrounded by fascinating statues and exquisite architecture; this is London I’ve always wanted to see. I deliberated why the grandmother had accused me of being evil and asked me to leave. Why was she awake, and why was she standing over me in the middle of the night? Was she against having strangers in the flat? Was she, in fact, evil? Perhaps she was the snakes in my dream.

I yawned, realised I was too fatigued to question the ordeal further.

I walked around as I tried to make sense of my world. Suddenly, I remembered I had £20 in my bag and, at that moment, I knew everything was going to be alright.

Until the next one
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