Part 2

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Miata messaged Kofi to ask about their brief encounter. He apologised and explained that it wasn’t intentional.

“Did you not recognise me?” Miata asked. There was no response.

She ran into Kofi few more times over the years and once even waved, but Kofi never responded even though he had definitely seen her.

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Kofi followed Miata on Instagram. He liked her pictures and clearly thought she was attractive. She was somewhat mysterious; unlike most of the girls he had met before. However, Kofi couldn’t understand why age was a concern for her. He could tell she had grown fond of him because although she declined to date him, they still kept in touch regularly.

Kofi was sure one day he will convince her that age doesn’t matter. Of course he will; he is Kofi. He is irresistible. 

Miata couldn’t stop wondering why he would message her but ignored her in person. She decided that Kofi was perhaps only comfortable existing in her DMs.

Slowly the days, turned into months, and months turned into years. Miata met someone that she started dating and she eventually forgot about Kofi; until he popped up again in her messages.


Kofi clearly did not want to get too familiar with Miata. No way. Then she will friend-zone him, and that is something he cannot risk. Yes, he’d noticed her in the city many times. In fact he had occasionally watch out for her, hoping to have a glimpse of her in-person; something Miata wasn’t aware of. He would observe her at the traffic lights, rushing to her next destination. She was usually bare-faced and beautiful, which he preferred. She seemed uncomplicated and delicate, which intrigued him further. He wondered about her world. Each time Kofi saw Miata he knew he would obsess about her for the rest of the day.

Kofi thought constantly about why she was so adamant on resisting him. If he wasn’t mistaken, the connection between them was real. He was curious about her and her body and imagined how she would feel and taste. He wanted his hands to travel the full length of her body, exploring every curve. Taste her succulent lips. Grab her small waist as he rides her until she begs him to finish. But she always turned him down. It was frustrating. He knew he had to be cautious however her resistance only made her more attractive. He hoped that sooner or later he will have her. He is a patient man, and patience is a virtue, after all. wine bathtub vin vinrouge GIF
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